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Welcome to Knowle and Dorridge Racquets Club
This page contains all of the latest club news 

Once you have logged in you can check your personal information by clicking on "Your Information" near the top line and then on "Your Profile" on the left hand side. Also, you can decide on which email listings to be included by clicking on "Mailing Lists" also on the left hand side and then choosing from the options. 

If you are in the squash or racketball leagues you can check on the detail by clicking on "Leagues" on the top menu, and then choose the league using the top right hand drop down menu.

The "Document Store" contains a number of useful publications including: 

  1. Annual subscription rates 
  2. Club rules
  3. Bar Rota
  4. Guide to managing the bar

The club will be adding to the documents in the Document Store for easy reference for members.

Any queries please contact Laurie Goldsworthy or Stewart Millman.


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